Who we are:


Image Post is a post production house founded in 2008, located in Nicosia, Cyprus.

Serving clients from every element of post-production, editing of audio, visual materials and incorporates other visual and sound effects to create a film.

These elements are woven together to create a multi-sensory experience we call a movie.

We are creating the meaning and your message at this stage of the process, when we use the footage and edit them in our post production offices, to tell your story.

Providing video editing and color grading services for ads, video clips, short and feature films, for commercials, tv series, documentaries and delivery to any appropriate medium/format.

Image Post Team

Our Team

Magda Stylianou

Senior Editor

Magda Stylianou finished her studies in Accademia Cappiello in Florence Italy.

She started her career in 1993 at CYBC as editor for documentaries, video clips, short and feature films.

In 1997 she worked at Lumiere Services as a Senior video editor for TV ads,  edited on Quantel edit systems.

In 2008 she started working as a Senior editor for her company, editing on Final Cut Pro and now on Premiere Pro.

In 2017 she won the best editing award in the National Competition Section at the International Short Film Festival of Cyprus - isffc.

Stelios Stylianou


Stelios Stylianou graduated from London Collage in 1991 with bachelor degree in Marketing. He participated in practical courses in chocolate manufacturing and quality control in ZDS Solingen in Germany.

He worked as General Manager in Chocolate factory in Nicosia/Cyprus, Quality Control Manager in Amman/Jordan and Marketing Manager in Bucharest/Romania. 

With a passion for Video editing he started his career in 2008 as editor of the company.

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